In Honor and Recognition of...

 Mrs. Georgia Virginia Nichols-Campbell

Mrs. Georgia Virginia Nichols-Campbell


Mrs. Georgia Virginia Nichols-Campbell was an educator for the Eudora, Arkansas and Chicago, Illinois public school systems. Mrs. Campbell often witnessed the disappointments of students who wanted to continue their educational pursuits beyond high school but were without the financial means to do so. In her effort to assist these students, Her labor of love became an annual fundraising dinner and dance. Proceeds were used to provide the financial-aid necessary to realize her vision.

Over the years, as a tribute to Mrs. Campbell the goal of the G.V.N-C. Foundation was to provide two four-year tuition scholarships to post secondary education graduates of the Eudora Arkansas Public School System or to the children and grand-children of former graduates. As a visionary, compassionate and loving representative of "small town" America, it is in her spirit that the G.V.N-C. Foundation (since its beginning in December 1997) has awarded twenty-two, four-year tuition scholarship to Eudora's youth and demonstrated its commitment to moving those she loved towards greatness.

When asked what the single and most important contribution that could be made to the G.V.N-C. Foundation, the President responded and offered this insight “Respectfully, it is important that all Eudorians realize the necessity of their involvement. The G.V.N-C Foundation offers a rare and unbelievable opportunity to support higher education for the children of Eudora for years to come and stands as "a role model for small town America" (Congressman Danny K. Davis). If we demonstrate a strong commitment and continued success, other small communities might consider doing the same. Eudorians need to become more involved, and to stay involved for the better good; while looking for opportunities to assist in the continued growth and success of this organization. Our efforts are not pointed  in the direction of what is wrong. Our efforts are directed towards what is right”.  He concluded, “It is noteworthy that some Eudorians and many non-Eudorians are aware of our existence and mission through fundraising activities held annually. They have consistently supported the Foundation's effort and because of this, we are sincerely grateful. Collectively, Heads of households of Eudorians can do much with little to help our own community by making the same commitment. As I see it, it is the single most important contribution that could be made. Taking this action would assure the continued success of the Foundation, the educational pursuits of the children of Eudora, and the success of our community as a whole”.    

During 2006, the Eudora High School was closed and annexed to become a part of what is now the consolidated Lake Side School District. Regardless of the devastating effect this change may have had on the youth and residents of Eudora, the G.V.N-C. Foundation remains committed to offering financial assistance to those students of  Eudora who graduate from Lake Side High School in search of academic excellence.

In 2011 the G.V.N-C. Foundation established and began a Books and Supplies Scholarships awarded to qualifying students graduating from High Schools in Fairfax County Virginia and pursuing degrees through part or full time enrollment at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). To learn more please visit the scholarship application and "student criteria" information found on the "Students Corner" page of this website for details and instructions, and to learn about a new initiative for Eudora's student especially.